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In October 2018, in response to the transiency of photos, texts and articles on websites and social media, I published my book: "Liberation offensive in the Lys region: from Ypres to Gaverbeek." So that something "tangible" from my research work would remain.

Since then I have posted a lot of my research on Facebook and instagram, which required a lot of preparation. But these posts were likely to disappear again in digital history ... that's why I started to put all posts aside in a separate pdf-file.

This resulted in this ‘ Newsletter’in which I have collected a selection of articles from the past period.

A large part is in both Dutch and English, as they were posted on social media, including emoticons. 😎😉

There are also some links in this newsletter to the 360​​° photos that I posted: give it a try!

It allows everyone (even those who are not active on social media) to quietly read all articles, to download them at once,or even print them.

Every item has been carefully checked and looked up.
I would really appreciate it, if you noticed me, when something is to be re-produced from my texts or photos, and that also a reference to would be placed.

Thank you, enjoy reading, all questions or comments are most welcome!

Gil Bossuyt

+32 (479).29.29.08

pdf picto newsletter nieuwsbrief 2019_mo

frontaal! newsletter 1, 2019.

pdf picto newsletter nieuwsbrief 2019_mo

Content :
Ancre Cemetery (Somme, Fr.) / visit Shankill Road Defenders Flute Band / Adopt a US Tommy: "Leland Wingate Fernald" @ Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery / Old German Cemetery Anzegem /
book collection Wim Callens / A sailor at ‘Ingoyghem Military Cemetery’? / 1 year birthday "36th (Ulster) Divison Lys Memorial" /
Liberation offensive 1918: crossing the Lys by the 36th (Ulster) Division, part 1 & 2 / Liberation offensive 1918: the difficult liberation of Desselgem / TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence! / 'De Zalm' Oostrozebeke / private Smith, killed in the Nieuwstraat in Desselgem / A monument deep in the woods of the Argonne ... / Woods Cemetery (Zillebeke, Ypres) / Admiral's Road (Ypres Salient) / Azannes German Cemetery nr 1 / Funeral German soldiers Hill 80 Langemark / Walter Greensted, an artilleryman buried in Hulste / Inauguration Remembrance bench Walter Greensted in Hulste / A memorable visit to the Pond Farm: Mark IV tank replica / RE Farm Cemetery (Eigen Kweek tv series) / A striking find near the 36th (Ulster) Division Memorial (Bavikhove). / Blackadder Trench / A phosphorous grenade found in Deerlijk (Flanders, Belgium)