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frontaal! battlefield tours :
on the trail of
the great war
Visiting the battlefields with a passionate guide and author...

Years of fascination for the First World War, countless explorations of battlefields, and lots of reading and research resulted in this project.

105 years later, I take people to the places where this gruesome chapter of world history took place and where the scars are still visible.

With unique, often self-processed photo material and contemporary media, we have a clear overview on the complete situation, standing on these battlefields: where were the trenches? who was where, and for what reason?
We try to avoid the beaten paths : no museums and too obvious monuments.

We prefer to go "in the field" for a unique overview of the facts ...
frontaal! is often on the road with a small group, then there is plenty of room for questions and sidesteps. But we also have excellent formulas for larger groups.
Our tours are appreciated not only by 'expert' clients, but also by people without prior knowledge about the First World War.

Since 2021, we have our own comfortable minibus with airconditioning, at your service!

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